Our ESG Journey

Fluence operates with an ESG mindset and principles at our focus. Our ESG strategy is aligned with the Sustainability Accounting and Standards Board (SASB) framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Fluence also complies with ISO 45001 and ISO 9001, and we are certified to SA8000, the framework dedicated to promoting business conduct that is fair and decent for workers.

Operating from a foundation of integrity, quality, personal ownership, and responsibility, Fluence has focused on accelerating the advancement of the clean energy sector since our founding in 2018. Our ESG journey is a natural extension of our mission to transform the way we power our world.

Just as we continuously improve energy storage and digital technology technologies for our customers, Fluence will continue to evolve our ESG practices over time – guided by close, ongoing engagement with key stakeholders throughout the value chain:





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Ensuring a more sustainable

Our Products

Our storage products have zero direct emissions and can be located nearly anywhere to improve grid efficiency and reliability. The Fluence IQ Platform further enables the global clean energy transition through ongoing renewable and storage asset optimization.

Our Footprint

We engaged the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) to assess the GHG emissions of our supply chain. Our first GHG assessment and full-scope energy consumption mapping will be undertaken in FY2022.

Our Projects

We are committed to minimizing and preventing potential adverse environmental impacts from our projects. Fluence is ISO 14001 certified; we conserve resources and improve energy efficiency throughout our planning and purchasing processes.


Creating a more diverse, safe and inclusive culture

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We strive to build teams that bring together different geographic, ethnic, cultural, and professional backgrounds with a wide range of experience to better service customers and power markets.

Health and safety

We put safety at the core of everything we do. Our formal policies on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality meet the highest global standards, often exceeding local and regional regulations.

Supply chain management and ethics

We have a robust supplier code of conduct in our contracts, with regular audits, to ensure ethical supply chain management on issues including carbon emissions, forced labor & human trafficking, human rights, child labor and more.


Ensuring transparency and efficiency

Board oversight

We have active board engagement on topics including safety, performance, human capital management, and cybersecurity.

ESG committee

We have an employee-level committee and are in the process of expanding senior leadership’ participation and developing a Board-level ESG committee

Corporate code of conduct

Fluence employees and contractors adhere to a broad set of policies aimed at creating a respectful workplace for everyone.

energy storage services

Path Forward

Fluence is committed to advancing our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts. We will continue reporting our progress and welcome discussion around these important topics. To learn more about Fluence’s ESG initiative and priorities, please contact us at fluence.esg@fluenceenergy.com.