Your critical equipment is protected when you’ve got lightning fast energy on demand.

siestorage energy storage system

Ultra Fast

The Siestorage system is designed for essential fast response for power quality, black start, frequency response, and backup applications.

Grid Support Capability

Siestorage can be configured to provide grid support services and be grid forming, enabling customers to operate in island mode when the network becomes unavailable.

Grid-forming parallel operation is compatible with wind, solar, and diesel generation.

Embedded Experience

Our deep experience from years of serving customers in the power sector is embedded in the Siestorage architecture to deliver best in class performance.





2 MW – 100+ MW


20 minutes – 2 hours

Technical Information


The Siestorage architecture includes closed-loop controls and pulse modulation for the power semiconductors that enable extremely rapid response times needed for microgrid and critical power applications.


Real-time data and control system delivers fast control of voltage, current, frequency and power.

Complete with HMI, data acquisition, data trend analysis, and historian services. System control can be accomplished through onsite HMI, remote HMI, or integration with external energy management system.


  • Conformity: (LV-D 2006/95/EG) CE
  • System standard converter system: EN 61439
  • System standard batteries: EN 50178, EN 50272-2
  • EMC immunity system: EN 61000-6-2
  • EMC emission system: EN 61000-6-4
  • Degree of protection: (EN 60529) IP20
  • Protection class: (EN 61140) 1

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Lightning fast energy. Trusted for critical loads.

This tech spec includes:

  • An overview of the Siestorage platform
  • Details on the Siestorage system and battery specifications
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