The market is changing rapidly and you need to be certain you are making the right decisions. From early stage feasibility and pragmatic cost-benefit analyses to optimizing storage assets performance, our energy storage services provide the expert advice to return the greatest value from your investment.

Fluence delivers unparalleled insights and services built on lessons learned from more than 12 years of energy storage experience and decades of energy sector knoweldge. We’ve packaged this extensive expertise into Operational Services and Consulting Services to ensure your success.

As a result, Fluence offers four levels of Operational Services Packages designed to deliver you the right level of service for your project.

Fluence Operational Services Packages



Fluence provides comprehensive training for your team to operate the system and perform preventative and reactive maintenance. This level includes access to the 24/7 help desk, software upgrades and equipment warranties.



Shared Service adds reactive maintenance and 24/7 monitoring. Fluence trains your team to operate the energy storage system and perform preventative maintenance. Includes limited performance guarantees.



Fluence performs all preventative and reactive maintenance and 24/7 monitoring. This level includes performance guarantees for time-based availability, with the option to add commercial or customized availability guarantees.



Fluence provides complete asset management including operational, contractual, financial, and risk management. We will manage relationships with stakeholders, including investors, off-takers, grid operators, and contractors, allowing the owner to focus on the financials of the business.


Level 1: Guided Service

With this service, Fluence trains and certifies the owner’s maintenance technicians, enabling them to operate the system as well as perform preventative and reactive maintenance. Customers opting for Guided Service are comfortable taking responsibility for their system’s operational availability.

This level has limited performance guarantees, and requires quality control inspections and the periodic re-certification of maintenance teams.

Ideal for

Customers with little to no commercial performance requirements and a low level of risk for under-performance

Technicians with experience maintaining storage components such as inverters, fire suppression, HVAC and transformers


Level 2: Shared Service

Our Shared Service offering adds 24/7 monitoring, reactive maintenance, spare parts and preventative maintenance training for our customer’s technicians. Organizations selecting this option are comfortable taking on some risk and responsibility for their system, including its availability, but rely on Fluence’s expertise in performing more complex reactive maintenance tasks.

Limited performance guarantees and time-based availability are possible options for the Shared Service level.

Ideal for

Leaner companies with fully utilized maintenance teams and/or less experience with the major components of an energy storage system


Level 3: Complete Service

With this package, Fluence provides performance guarantees, all preventative and reactive maintenance and 24/7 monitoring. Complete Service enables customers to minimize risk, and rely on Fluence’s expertise in asset maintenance through a comprehensive service package.

Ideal for

Leaner companies with smaller maintenance teams and/or limited experience with the major components of an energy storage system

Customers operating in high risk commercial environments with strict performance guarantees and who value optimizing system performance over time


Level 4: Asset Management

With Level 4, Fluence acts on behalf of the owner and assumes responsibility for the asset’s management, including operations and maintenance, market participation, and financial, risk and stakeholder management. This package allows the owner to focus on the financials of their business while Fluence manages all operational aspects and risk. Available in select markets.

Ideal for

Customers who do not have the capability or desire to manage the day-to-day operations of their energy storage facility and want a trusted partner to manage the asset on their behalf

Financial investors or other non-traditional owners who require full asset management to minimize investment risk and maximize commercial gains over time



Energy Storage Consulting Services

The energy storage industry is a fast-moving target, and it can seem hard to keep up. Our consulting services are designed to bring you the information and insights you need to keep pace with an evolving market. Whether you are new to energy storage and looking to understand the technology, or own storage projects and want to learn more on operations and safety, we have a highly experienced team of professionals ready to help.

Our consulting services include:

  • Cost-Benefit and Business Case Analysis
  • Project Sizing and Configuration
  • Industry and Technology Benchmarking
  • Grid Interconnection Analysis
  • Site Feasibility and Permitting Support
  • System Reliability Analysis