As a large power consumer, fluctuations in energy pricing and rising demand charges can have a significant impact on your bottom line. To better control energy costs, commercial and industrial clients can flatten their load profile by utilizing energy storage to charge during off-peak times and discharge during your facility’s peak. By shifting when your facility pulls power from the grid, you can reduce demand charges and avoid costly peak rates, resulting in average electricity bill savings between 10 to 30 percent.

Storage also insulates your facilities from outages, protecting against potential revenue losses and damaged equipment. In the event of a blackout, your facility’s demand can be met with on-site energy storage to ensure continuous operation and reduce negative impacts on production, equipment, and revenue.

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Energy Cost Control

Renewable Ingetration

& Islands

Critical Power





Don’t go down with the grid.

For many large-scale commercial and industrial energy consumers, any outage is disastrous for operations. Companies operate highly sensitive equipment, such as robotics, variable speed drives, and critical manufacturing lines that are vulnerable to even the smallest imperfection in power quality. Any problems with power supply can have significant, and in some cases disastrous, impacts on production, equipment, and revenue.

Energy storage onsite gives you the protection you need to ensure you stay up, even if the grid goes down. Furthermore, energy storage can improve power quality and effectively filter out any imperfections in grid power.


Energy Cost Control





Control your energy costs by managing your power consumption.

Demand charges can represent a significant portion of commercial and industrial users’ electricity bills. Energy storage can deliver power during times of peak usage to lower your consumption of grid power and dramatically reduce monthly demand charges.

In addition, if you pay variable energy rates, energy storage can shift consumption away from expensive time-of-use periods and lower your electricity rates.

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Renewable Integration





Unlock the full potential of your renewables.

Co-locating renewables with storage lets you capture all the solar and wind power you generate and dispatch it when it’s needed. You are no longer forced to use it or lose it.

Energy storage also empowers your renewable generation to do more–control ramp rates, smooth power output, deliver firm capacity, and absorb power during periods of excess generation. These extra capabilities will give your project an advantage over other renewable-only projects trying to connect in the same area.

Microgrids & Islands



Seamlessly connect and disconnect from the network.

Energy storage enables you to island from the network as needed by instantaneously switching between grid power and your own reserves. Energy storage can store your local generation for dispatch when it’s needed.

Energy storage, when paired with local thermal or renewable generation, can smooth out variability, improve operation efficiency, and store excess power for use at a later time resulting in a more cost effective and resilient microgrid.



Free yourself from the burden of having to run inefficient generation.

In some areas of the world, diesel and fuel-oil generation seem like the only options available to meet energy needs. But these plants have significant drawbacks–the fuel is difficult to transport, they are expensive to run, and they create significant emissions and noise pollution. Using storage or storage + renewables changes that equation.

Energy storage reduces reliance on diesel and other liquid fuels by enabling renewables to be used for more hours of the day. Storage also enables diesel engines to run more efficiently and less often, therefore reducing overall reliance on diesel and other fuel oils and lowering the associated costs.

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