At Fluence, we are working to create a more sustainable future by transforming the way we power our world. We are accelerating the transition to a clean and reliable energy future by removing technological, regulatory and commercial barriers that stand in the way. We deliver energy storage technology solutions and services at a global scale with the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the world.

Building from the strong foundation of our parent companies, we are the new generation of energy storage pioneers. We are a new solutions and services provider that believes in solving problems, prioritizing lasting partnerships over delivering products, and the importance of the entire power ecosystem in forging a path to making a sustainable future certain.

Dramatic historic shifts are forcing rapid changes in how we produce and consume energy, creating abrupt uncertainty for our customers and the power sector as a whole. We are focused on partnering with our customers to help them navigate these shifts with the right tools and information, so they solve the energy challenges in their networks.

Our focus is accelerating the speed and guiding the direction of global energy network transformation so we can leave this earth better than when we entered it. If you are passionate about clean energy, solving difficult problems, and are awesome to work with, we invite you to view our open positions and send your resume to

Our Team

At Fluence, we’re nerdishly in love with what we do and are passionate about transforming the way we power our world. Our team hails from many countries worldwide and we collectively speak 20+ languages. (We even have one employee who speaks 6!).  We also like to think up fun activities to get to know each other better beyond the office.
Fluence is a rapidly growing global company and our team travels the world supporting our customers and working to modernize the power sector.

Our Values

energy storage careers leadingLeading

We are growth-oriented and purpose-driven. We believe in serving as a trusted advisor to our customers and industry stakeholders to help them navigate the rapidly evolving energy landscape and find certainty amidst disruption. As pioneers in energy storage, we are focused on driving change to accelerate the modernization of our energy networks.

energy storage careers agileAgile

As we transform the way we power our world, we strive to be adaptive and learn continuously from the market, our customers and each other. We form collaborative partnerships with our customers and we prioritize the most critical efforts that will drive the greatest impact.

energy storage careers responsibleResponsible

Safety is paramount in everything we do and we conduct ourselves accordingly. We believe in delivering the best possible quality, both in our technology and service offerings and in our interpersonal relationships with our customers and each other. We are honest, forthcoming, and fair in our communications and we take personal ownership in what we deliver. Integrity is key to our business and how we develop trust in relationships with coworkers, customers, and stakeholders.

energy storage careers funFun

Working on transforming a fundamental part of our society is exciting and fulfilling. It requires creativitydiversity of ideas and backgrounds, and building trust to effect change and move with speed. We respect our coworkers and customers. We listen to what others have to say, and we are inclusive.

Benefits & Perks

Fluence offers comprehensive benefits and perks to support our team.  Here are just a few we’d like to highlight:

  • Benefits effective on first day of employment
  • Flexible time off
  • Generous 401K matching that vests immediately
  • Aligned with our value of Fun, office social events including barbecues, local soccer teams, and Foosball tournaments in our Fun room—always look for new members to join the employee Fun Team!
  • Onsite galley in main locations, including espresso machine, fresh fruit and office snacks


Interested in energy storage?

Learn about the incredible impact energy storage will have for enabling renewable energy in a talk given by our Chief Operating Officer, John Zahurancik.

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